Cumberland Orchids occasionally offers selected plants to the public.  Each plant offering will be a plant that was personally selected to be part of our greenhouse collection, or will be a division of such a plant.  All of our stock is guaranteed to be free of ORSV and CymMV.
The image below shows the condition of our greenhouse on Oct. 3, 2005.  The photo was taken from one end of the attached structure toward the open end.
if you entered the greenhouse from the far outside door, you would have seen this:
As you can tell, our greenhouse is small, with a bench space of only about 120 square feet, and practical hanging for about 40 feet above the benches.  Most of the plants are species, and many are Cattleyas, Fuukiran or Choseiran, although there is a little bit of almost everything in here.  In the winter, the greenhouse is stuffed with anywhere from 500 to 900 plants.
By varying the shadecloth covering the greenhouse from one end to the other, there is a "bright" end (over 5,000 fc) and a "shady" end (about 1,500 fc.).  We try to locate plants in areas of the greenhouse to their liking.. The temperature of the greenhouse is kept at about 57 degrees F. on winter nights, and may rise to as much as 95 degrees on sunny summer days, although no higher than 80 degrees when outdoor temperatures are less than that. Actually, in the summer we move almost all of the plants outside into a frame covered with 50% shadecloth, with a section covered with an extra layer of 40% cloth for the shade loving plants, and bring them in only when nights begin to drop below 50 degrees.
Occasionally, temperatures may go to extremes.  For example, last winter there was a combined power failure and generator malfunction that allowed temperatures in the greenhouse to drop to 31 degrees before corrective action could be taken.  All of the plants survived (although this might have ended blooming on some of the plants).  Orchids are tough, and all of my plants (except the Phaleonopsis, which suffer during the winter) seem to thrive in these "intermediate" conditions.  For more information, click on the "culture" button at the left, bottom of the page.
In the summer, all plants are moved outside, and benefit from our usually humid climate, with temperatures ranging from 55 or so at night and up to 85 or so during the day.  Of course, occasionally they may be more extreme.  The plants suffer from some extra insect damage, but I think the extra hardening helps develop better flowers, even if  the leaves are somewhat compromised.
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All photographic images on this site are by CUMBERLAND ORCHIDS and are not to be used by others for commercial gain.  All individual plants pictured on these pages are from our greenhouse.
In winter, things are a bit more crowded, and in the summer the entire collection is moved outside into a shade house
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