Shipment of plants will be made the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday  after such confirmation has been received. This is to ensure that your plant will not have to endure a weekend stopover in some mail facility.  During periods of "touchy" weather (very hot or very cold), every effort will be made to ship during windows of opportunity.  You will be contacted in such cases and consulted before shipments are made.

Plants are currently shipped by USPS Priority Mail, which we find to be as efficient as almost any other standard delivery system.  We will only ship if the temperature here in Tennessee is above 40 degrees at night, or below 90 degrees during the day.  We carry the package to the post office, so it will not be out in the weather before it is picked up.  As a plant purchaser, if you stay in contact by e-mail, We will let you know when the package is shipped so you can alert your mail carrier and tell them not to leave the package in the sun or freezing cold.  If the weather in your area is extremely hot or cold, please think twice about bidding on a plant, although we will do our best to get it there alive.  (We can add a heat pack, if you request one, but prefer not to since they use up oxygen in the box  and introduce the possibility of a hot spot in the box)
If you are interested in Pocket Diagnostic orchid virus test kits, please be advised that we are no longer  a supplier, however we still use the kits and have several years of experience testing our sale plants.  Contact us by email for more information.
If you are interested in plants, you should note that all plants sold by Cumberland Orchids come out of the greenhouse you can see pictured on our HOME page, and most are divisions of plants in our own collection which we offer when we become short of room. 
We NEVER have large numbers of plants for sale, and most of our offered plants are one-of-a-kind.
To see if we are currently offering any plants, or for more information on the current plant listings, click on the "LISTINGS" button above.  If you find something you like, you can contact us for purchase details.  

Payment for purchases will be accepted only if made by USPS postal money order or by using PayPal.  For assurance of your security, we are a "PayPal Verified" merchant.  If you decide to send a money order, e-mail us for directions on where to send it and how to make it out.